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If you have storage or logistic concerns at your premises our Logistics Support Service facility may be worth considering. 

We offer a complete logistics service, such as online portals for warehousing and distribution.  This service encompass monthly inventory control, processing orders and delivery to branches/depots in a timely manner as well as ensuring that the reordering process is a simple and easy process to follow.  Sites are custom built to ensure that products are categorised as required.  “Special occasion” products such as Christmas Gifts or Diaries can then be backordered online within a certain timeframe to ensure production and delivery is all on track.   These automated processes allow you to continue on with your day without stress and disruption.

If your requirements are space issues only then our warehousing option may be a solution for your Company.  This will still allow you to buy in bulk knowing that goods will be warehoused and sent out as required to your office or across Australia.  

Warehousing will ensure that your ‘staple’ items of stock are on hand, ready to be distributed for any ‘last minute’ events or occasions that may occur. 

It also ensures that you have the product that you require and avoid any ‘out of stock’ disappointments. 

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your Company’s requirements in more detail and collaboratively work out the most effective strategies and solutions for bulk buying merchandise.