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To ensure Fair and ethical sourcing and maintain not only our reputation but that of our SUPPLY partners, when supplying products we ensure that we work with reputable suppliers who have the following necessary steps in place with manufacturing factories.

Internal Company and Factory Standard

Based on industry best practice, we/our suppliers have an internal standard which sets out that they will take all efforts to only work with fair and ethical production partners.  Including the assessment of items such as safe working conditions, legal rates of pay, no forced or child labour and adequate management systems and standards.  All of these conditions are also strictly adhered to, without exception, internally within our company.

New Factory Screening

Prior to working with a new factory, we/our suppliers undertake a number of steps to determine their suitability to work with us, based on their production ability, but also their work practices and certifications.

Prior to commencing cooperation we undertake the following due diligence:

  • Factory visit
  • Review of all current certifications
  • Review of online media and government agencies to determine their record

It is only after these checks are successfully completed, and compliance with our internal standards is checked, will a factory be added to our approved factory list.

Factories that we/our suppliers deal with generally possess a number of certifications relating to different categories:

  • System certifications – such as ISO
  • Labour audit certifications – such as SEDEX SMETA P4 and BSCI
  • Food safety certifications – such as FDA approval
  • Local market certifications – such as Australian standards issued by BSI or SAI global

Ongoing monitoring

We/our suppliers undertake regular check and audit of our factories to ensure that they continue to adhere to the internal standards we have set.

Issue Investigation

If it becomes known to us that one of our production partners, may no longer adhere to our internal standards, through exposure in the media, or notice from government authorities, we immediately suspend cooperation, pending clarification and investigation of the situation.


Custom made products can give you an EDGE over competitors by showcasing your BRAND in a more creative and purposeful manner.  However time frames vary on Products, depending on size, quantity, modes of freight, i.e. airfreight or seafreight and offshore holiday periods (such as Chinese New Year).   From design concept to receiving an order may take up to 12-14 weeks.  Smaller products such as USB Flashdrives are sent via Air, which take approx. 3-4 weeks for a CUSTOM made USB flashdrive. 

For more information on offshore merchandise please talk to us in more detail about this option.