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We realise the importance of UNDERSTANDING our client’s BRAND. 

With over 18 years industry experience and specialist knowledge in all facets of branding we are able to STREAMLINE the process of choosing the RIGHT branded product for our clients’ specific requests.

  • We ask questions, delve deep and LISTEN CAREFULLY so that we can engage in critical thinking and effective solutions to enhance your unique Brand.  Each client has different strategies, objectives, budgets to achieve their desired outcome; however, most of us have limited time to research the best solution for the required end result.  This is where collaboration is invaluable – it allows us to take away our clients’ pain. 


  • We LEARN as much as possible through collaboration and consultation to understand, reflect and offer targeted solutions that will complement, value-add and create brand awareness and longevity to our clients’ Brand.  We TAKE THE TIME to fully understand our clients’ objectives and goals, which then allows us to exchange a range of tailor-made options that will engage and enhance their Brand or Campaign.


  • Our ultimate aim for all clients is to provide a high level of engagement and a thorough understanding of their business which allows us to provide a SERVICE that extends past selling a branded product. 


  • ADZ Impact is about building reputable long-term relationships and TRUST with our clients.  Our invaluable experience and knowledge of the latest ‘On Trend’ gadgets, our complete understanding on all levels of branding options available, our close long-term relationships with local and overseas suppliers coupled with an in-depth knowledge of working with factories on “customised” products, allows us to provide well informed, tailor made solutions that enhance and fulfil our client’s Brief.


  • Our LONG TERM COMMITMENT within the industry has allowed us to forge strong, trusted working relationships with suppliers and buyers both within Australia and overseas.  This means we’re working with suppliers that offer quality, innovative products, have ethical workplace and compliance standards overseas and run their business with a high level of integrity. 

Our approach is to SUPPORT our client, understand their vision and develop a range of concepts that will have purpose, innovation with POSITIVE and SUCCESSFUL outcomes.