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Logo Design and Colours for Branding Promotional Products

A common question we are asked by clients is, “What type of file do you need for our logo?” Vector art is the file required when it comes to decoration, however logos can be created in a few different formats depending on its purpose.

Understanding the difference between RGB, CMYK & Solid Pantone Colour Logos will help in how best to use these formats.

RGB colour mode is best for digital work (viewed on screen – not for print production) while CMYK and Pantone designs are used for products that are physically printed, i.e all promotional products and apparel. CMYK or PANTONE logo designs will give physical products far more accurate results than a logo in RGB colours.

CMYK designs are great for digital printing, especially if your logo has gradient colours and not solid pantone colours. It may also be a more cost effective way to print rather than individual pantone colours which require a set-up for each colour.

However, solid Pantone colours will give a greater level of accuracy and results to matching your specific logo colours. Pantone colouring takes highly precise mixes of ink to create an EXACT colour match. 

All things considered, it’s always best to consult US beforehand to find out which product, colour and surface will work best with your desired outcomes. Different background colours and textures will affect the end result.

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