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We are constantly in awe of the response to COVID-19 that the promotional industry has displayed, through innovation and pivoting existing products in new and relevant ways to help our clients keep their branded marketing campaigns pertinent and fresh.  

During this pandemic, and our gradual journey on the road to recovery, marketers need to understand that there is no ideal product but only a solution and brands that prove to be relevant to customers’ concerns about safety, security and assurance will differentiate themselves from competitors in times of uncertainty.

There have been so many creative ideas from our suppliers to help clients take a fresh and broader approach to their marketing campaigns. The time to act is now – gain attention and reconnect with existing customers or convince new customers of your value through some of these creative ideas.

I’m certainly not about to list everything that is available right now but here are a couple of good examples of products that can actually address people’s concerns on very real issues whilst, at the same time, promoting a company’s brand.

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Social Distancing Chocolate Bars:

Sometimes the concept of social distancing can be difficult to understand. What is 1.5 metres? It’s not a measurement you come across everyday. So we’ve created some helpful social distancing chocolates to inform staff, customers, family and friends of what their social distancing responsibility is.

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This milk chocolate bar is available in either Premium Belgian or Lindt chocolate. You can choose between regular or large sizes as well as choose between silver or gold foil wrap. The added beauty of this concept is that you can apply a myriad of designs to suit both the message and your brand. If you have your own ideas, just let us know and we’ll design it for you for free.

Detoxify your Workspace with these custom made Australian candles:

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Aromatic soy ‘Purity Candles” containing essential oils of orange, palmarosa, may chang, thyme and an element of tea tree oil. The candles provide a delicate and calming scent designed to detoxify the air, leaving your space purified and clean.

Acknowledging the pandemic in a way that resonates with clients shows your Values and Commitment to the well-being of community during these unprecedented times. Creatively we can assist your next marketing campaign, staying in touch with products that show you are aware of the crisis and the impact on people’s lives.

Taking innovative and new approaches with marketing your business will directly translate to your being in a stronger position to compete long after the pandemic abates.

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