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This is a custom made factory order, which means we produce and decorate your promotional product overseas (predominantly in China).

There are minimum quantities required and most lead times are between 12 to 14 weeks for sea-freighted items – less time airfreight depending on the product.

However, there are huge benefits in ordering overseas :

  • lower price point
  • changing colour schemes
  • changing fabrics
  • customising a design to be very specific to your brand
  • option to add extra features to a product – i.e. customized zippers, 3D embroidery, internal linings custom printed.

Our team can assist you find the right product for your target market and help with the design concept to reflect your Brand exclusively to your audience.

ADZ Impact prides itself in establishing long-term working relationships with suppliers and factories that have proven track records of supplying quality merchandise and a wealth of experience in creating unique designs that will reflect a positive result to showcase your brand to your clients.

Orders required within the first quarter of the year must take into account supply impacts from Chinese New Year. This holiday period dramatically impacts on supply and distribution of orders, as it is China’s main holiday and production stops with workers travelling across the country to be with family. With the holiday falling early in 2016, we advise to plan for no production or shipments leaving China from late January with normal outputs expected by mid-March.

We are more than happy to assist with the design by providing visual concepts and mock-ups to pre-production samples before final production commences.